Client Sectors

Serving enterprises across the landscape of the global education, media and information markets.

Growth Companies
Market Leaders
Non-Profit Organizations
Educational Institutions

We help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of the education sector and chart a path to business success.

We develop go-to-market strategies that address the realities of achieving customer traction in markets heavily weighted toward incumbents. For many clients we also create relationships with our network of investors, high net-worth individuals and capital markets participants to help underwrite private company growth. Across our efforts, we partner with entrepreneurs and their key stakeholders to help them catalyze the potential of their business vision.

We work with executives and directors of leading companies from privately held businesses to large multinational corporations on diverse strategy and capital markets issues.

We help realize the growth imperative of our clients through a combination of organic and inorganic initiatives. Our consulting practice leaders facilitate fact-based strategic decision-making and portfolio analysis to optimize growth in both existing and new markets. Our investment banking leaders help clients identify and acquire companies that best align to their strategic and financial goals; we also prepare, position and market clients for a successful sale or disposition, as appropriate for their business. Across all engagements, we help clients identify and discern opportunities within the ecosystem of innovative, emergent companies.

We collaborate with clients to identify and evaluate opportunities across asset classes, from institutional venture capital to private equity, hedge funds and mezzanine to other debt providers.

For commercial and market diligence efforts, our unparalleled market insights enable us to identify and mitigate risks for clients and validate their investment theses. We also provide our clients unique access to investment opportunities across the global knowledge sector, helping them target and acquire companies aligned to their stated objectives.

We partner with organizations, both those active in education markets and others striving to apply their insights and intellectual property into the sector, to align market dynamics and organizational mission objectives.

Our non-profit client work covers a range of engagements including strategy development and business planning initiatives, identification and execution of partnerships and joint ventures and acquisition and disposition efforts. For all our clients we facilitate fact-based strategic decision-making to optimize their market impact and financial sustainability.

We partner with postsecondary institutions that find themselves facing an accelerating number of challenges and opportunities relative to their current charter and mission.

Proliferating academic technologies, innovative degree and non-degree program models, and a sector-wide focus on retention and outcomes have all led to heightened competition across all postsecondary segments. We work with college and university leaders to make sense of these dynamics and build strategies for institutional and programmatic growth, including adoption of context-specific innovative teaching and learning technologies. We advise both for-profit and non-profit institutions on transformative transaction and joint-venture opportunities to catalyze ideas into action.

We engage with foundation leaders and program directors to research, design and implement initiatives at the intersection of market and mission to drive sustainable, impactful grant-making initiatives.

Our deep knowledge of the sector, extensive experience working across non-profit and for-profit models, and understanding of what drives lasting impact provides our foundation clients with a differentiated perspective on how to achieve their mission objectives. Key areas of our work with foundations and their grantees include program and organizational strategy, initiative design and implementation, and market and issue research and analysis to inform and catalyze investment activities.