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L'adaptive learning, la révolution qui vient

Hachette Livre a signé le 10 septembre 2015 un partenariat avec Knewton, la start-up new-yorkaise en pointe aux États-Unis sur l’adaptive learning. Outre-Atlantique, ce nouveau mode d’apprentissage mêle algorithmes, psychologie cognitive et big datas afin de personnaliser l’enseignement. Universités américaines et éditeurs de logiciels y voient des opportunités fortes, malgré un coût conséquent. Le point […]

Tyton report highlights dearth of tech solutions for adult ed programs

Published by: EducationDIVE The sector has demand for instructional technologies but very little supply Education technology initiatives have exploded in recent years. School districts at the elementary and secondary level have purchased tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks while digital programming companies have produced new educational applications for their students. Testing companies have created adaptive versions of […]

Research Shows Technology Has the Potential to Reshape Adult Education

Landmark national survey of adult educators shows tremendous opportunity for instructional technology to dramatically improve and expand adult basic education BOSTON, March 31, 2015 – Thirty-six million American adults lack the basic skills required for meaningful employment in today’s workforce, and only a fraction are served by existing educational programs. New research finds a huge […]

Evidence of Learning Framework: Beneficial for Students, Institutions, and Employers

Published by: The EvoLLLution The traditional approaches to measuring and sharing an individual’s learning no longer match the expectations of students, employers and higher education administrators. Transcripts—the official record for what a student has learned—simply do not capture or communicate an individual’s capabilities and understate skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving. But […]

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