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Titans in education

Few firms know the global education market as well as Boston-based Tyton Partners. Kirsten Noben talks to founder Chris Curran about current trends There are only a few education deals in the US which Tyton Partners are not familiar with. The investment banking and strategy consultancy firm, first launched in 2010 in Boston by Chris Curran and Adam Newman as Education Growth Advisors, changed its...

|Oct 13th, 2017

Building Faculty Buy-In on Digital Courseware

Source: Inside Higher Ed. June 2017 New framework aims to help professors make sense of the landscape of digital tools that promise to change the nature of learning. The idea that the adoption of digital instructional technologies will lag without faculty buy-in is becoming widely accepted by college administrators and (smart) vendors alike. So, too, is the reality that professors...

|Jul 12th, 2017

A New* System for Student Success Planning

Source: Inside Higher Ed. July 2017 ERP, LMS, SIS — and now SSMS? Colleges need enterprise-level systems — not narrow, problem-specific technology products — to improve student persistence and job placement rates, the technology and research company EAB argues. Such a system, the company suggests, could be called a “student success management system.” Click here to read the full story

|Jul 12th, 2017

Barriers to Digital Learning? Time and Training More Than Resistance

Source: Inside Higher Ed. June 2017 Colleges’ ambitions for technology-enabled instruction have outstripped actual use, more because of practical impediments than philosophical ones, analysis suggests. Professors’ views about the role of technology in learning are easy to caricature.Some faculty members cling to their yellowed lecture notes and reject new technology-enabled approaches because they believe what they’re doing works, to be sure, but...

|Jun 19th, 2017

The Quest to Define ‘Quality’

Source: Inside Higher Ed. March 2017 A new report about how to assure quality for nontraditional higher ed providers prompts a more basic question: What do we mean by quality? Eleven experts weigh in. The call last week for a new system of quality assurance for alternative providers of higher education got us here at Inside Digital Learning thinking (again) about how...

|Mar 29th, 2017

Goodbye College Advising, Hello College Coaching

Source: EdSurge, February 2017 Education technology is riddled with acronyms, and here’s another one to boot: iPASS. What confusingly sounds like an app is in fact an idea that goes far beyond digital tools. It stands for “integrated planning and advising student success” which in practice looks like new approaches to academic advising and degree planning services with the help...

|Feb 28th, 2017

Shhhh… This Employee Benefit is Secret

Source: University Ventures, November 2016 Volume VI, #23 I’ve never understood why some people insist on keeping their ideas secret. I always assume if I have an idea, dozens of others have had the same one. It’s not ideas that determine success, it’s execution. Which is why, from the beginning, I’ve always been happy to freely share my many amazing...

|Feb 22nd, 2017

American Splendour

Education sector M&A activity increased once again in 2015. Nick Herbert takes a look at the deals and emergent sector trends. Source: Education Investor, July/August 2016 [Excerpted here by permission] “There has been a bit of a micro-bubble in ed tech,” says Chris Curran, Founder and Managing Director at Tyton Partners. “There are still multitudes of phenomenal companies out there with great prospects...

|Sep 8th, 2016

Lots of Talk, Little Action for Academic Advising and Planning Technology

Source: Edsurge The latest Tyton research focuses on how higher-ed institutions are using advising and planning technology. With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in collaboration with National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA), National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), and the Global Community on Academic Advising (NACADA), Tyton surveyed 1,400 administrators, advisors...

|Jun 28th, 2016

Learning to Adapt

Source: Inside Higher Ed Major study of adaptive learning finds inconclusive results about its ability to improve outcomes and lower costs, but use at two-year colleges and in remedial courses shows potential. Click here to read the full story

|Jun 28th, 2016
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