Digital Courseware Adoption Dynamics

by: Gates Bryant | Tools and Infographics |Oct 15th, 2014

Pressure is mounting in the postsecondary education ecosystem to improve the quality of teaching and learning, while increasing accessibility and affordability for students. Digital courseware has the potential to alleviate the pressures building through the delivery of scalable, personalized instruction; however, the category as a whole has not delivered on its promise. Our summer 2014 national survey of more than 1,300 faculty revealed that digital courseware enjoys high awareness and significant use but leaves many users dissatisfied and faces considerable barriers to further adoption.


Accordingly, the overall level of satisfaction with courseware, as indicated by a Net Promoter Score, sends a stark message to the supplier and institutional communities – faculty are not satisfied with current offerings, and the trajectory of the courseware market hinges on addressing the root causes of their dissatisfaction.


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