The Tyton Growth50: Our Inaugural List of the Most Important Growth-Stage Companies in Education

by: Adam Newman | Blog |Jun 2nd, 2015

The education sector – stretching from early childhood through to corporate, professional and life-long learning – is in the midst of an epic period of investment activity and national discussion. A steady stream of tenacious entrepreneurs and emergent product and service models are pushing up against long-standing practices and institutional systems. Driving and achieving scale in this environment requires equal parts creativity, fortitude, persistence, and acumen.

For these reasons, we were pleased to announce today at the Tyton Education Summit the inaugural Tyton Growth50 – a list recognizing the most important growth-stage companies across the education sector. The companies on this list represent dynamic organizations that are scaling their impact and achieving key financial, customer penetration, and brand awareness goals, among others. In a sector where scaling distribution remains a core challenge, the Tyton Growth50 companies are clearing that hurdle.

Over the course of the past several months, our team has culled this list from an initial universe of hundreds of companies. We have waded through data and engaged with numerous industry leaders to select this list. The expansion of the sector across the past decade made selecting the finalists a challenging task. However, as long-time industry observers, we are heartened by the number and diversity of companies emerging across the ecosystem and achieving traction with teachers and faculty, students and families, schools, colleges, and companies.

In the next several months we will be sharing further details about these companies and what they’ve learned – and continue to learn – along the way. Stay tuned for more insight about these organizations and the factors driving their success.

In the meantime, please join us in offering hearty congratulations to the inaugural Tyton Growth50:

To learn more about the Tyton Growth50, contact us here

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