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Come help us build the future of education.

Our mission is to be the advisor of choice for leaders throughout the Global Knowledge Sector enabling them to achieve transformative outcomes and drive systemic change. This is what unites our people across teams, practices, and geographies.

What is the Tyton Partners Culture?

We are building a culture at Tyton Partners where amazing people who are committed to driving meaningful outcomes and results across the education industry can do their best work. When we serve our clients, we are building the future of education one deal, engagement, and idea at a time. Are you ready to embrace this remarkable opportunity?

When people ask what it is like to work at Tyton Partners, you will hear some common themes.

We are dedicated to you.

Our commitment to building the future of the Global Knowledge Sector starts with our employees. Here you will find ways to grow professionally while doing meaningful work for exceptional clients in an environment that prioritizes your success, compels collaboration, and celebrates learning. We are committed to moving our people forward in their careers and helping them grow professionally.

We are a team with diverse perspectives.

Building a community that is welcoming and inclusive is integral to people doing their best work and is essential to maximizing what we can achieve as an organization. We take steps to ensure employees have a sense of belonging, feel valued, and have opportunities to grow. We actively recruit people from diverse lived experiences and professional backgrounds to curate a workplace with myriad viewpoints and perspectives. At Tyton Partners, the best idea wins, period.

Tenacity and curiosity are built into our brand.

The name Tyton Partners is derived from the word Tytonidae, a family of owl species known to attack from the ground up. While there is no single kind of person at Tyton Partners, we all share something in common: a mindset, a way of responding to challenges with openness, curiosity, and a commitment to learning. Tyton Partners will feed that drive by rewarding courageous tenacity and ambition, while nurturing your dynamic career.

What we do in the community matters, a lot.

The future of education has always been a part of our DNA. We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to our communities and encourage our employees to do the same. Many of our employees volunteer, sit on boards of education organizations, and are former public school teachers. We give annually to education organizations in our communities that are supporting students from all backgrounds to achieve their life aspirations.

I was drawn to the impactful work Tyton Partners does in the education market and wanted to be part of such a dynamic team.

Will Zheng

Banking Associate

Working at Tyton Partners is a unique opportunity to engage in strategic work to tackle a variety of different problems in a sector that is meaningful in combating institutional inequality and promoting equity. I hope to use this skill set and sector knowledge down the road to drive policy change.

Kojo Edzie

Consulting Analyst

Being a first-generation college student, I was raised to know that education opened doors. It is extremely important to me to see more people having the access to open more of those doors.

Dan Clary

Banking Director

Tyton Partners checks all the boxes: the opportunity to positively impact the education sector, problem solve with inspiring clients, and collaborate with a team of fun and exceptionally bright colleagues and friends every day.

Nandini Khedkar

Consulting Principal

From an early age, I was always told that education had the potential to greatly impact an individual’s life and outcomes. Coming from a family that includes three generations of teachers, I am excited at the opportunity to work with organizations in the space focused on amplifying this impact.

Brian Feeney

Banking Vice President

The people at Tyton Partners are incredibly driven, collaborative, and passionate about the work they do. Being a part of a tight-knit group focusing on important challenges in the education space provides continuous opportunities to learn and make a difference.

Ashley Beuchel

Consulting Principal

At Tyton Partners, I receive the fulfillment of knowing that I work for a company that does work to support student education and wellbeing and the workforce of the future, and that drives research that positively impacts society.

Kristen Fox

Consulting Managing Director

Who we aspire to be.

As we help clients navigate and align “market” and “mission,” the spirit and underlying assumption of our organization is that education is an accelerator and critical enabler for individuals in an increasingly inequitable knowledge economy.

As a result, we reject the notion that diversity, equity, and inclusion needs a “business case.” Rather, it is a moral responsibility that we own and develop. We achieve equity at Tyton Partners when our diverse teams and inclusive culture intersect for the benefit of the clients we serve.  Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is manifested in a variety of ways; most specifically through our five-pillar plan:

  • Develop clear and transparent DEI goals
  • Make Tyton an inclusive workplace
  • Support the career progression of women and people of color
  • Hire and promote colleagues at all levels of the firm to achieve proportional representation of women, people of color, and first-generation college graduates
  • Implement an accountability system


Your best work starts here.

We’re building a culture at Tyton Partners where amazing people who are committed to driving meaningful outcomes and results across the education industry can do their best work. By working together on behalf of our clients, we are building the future of education one deal, engagement, and idea at a time. Are you ready to embrace this remarkable challenge?

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