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The education landscape is constantly evolving, and Tyton Partners is at the forefront of those changes. Through a broad array of investment banking and capital markets financial advisory services, we’re driving value for clients with transactions across all asset classes and leading transformation in the sector.

The momentum to help you reach your goals.

The velocity and volume of our transactions continues to accelerate, opening new avenues of opportunity and access to capital for our clients. It also reflects our experience driving deals across the Global Knowledge Sector continuum, from early childhood education and K-12 to higher education, corporate L&D and human capital optimization markets to lifelong learning, and beyond.


We leverage our extensive, longstanding relationships with institutional capital to family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and broad alternative asset class investors to uncover innovative solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs and objectives.


Our coverage across the ecosystem from early-stage innovators through established industry leaders, our operating and investing experience, and our strategic approach to solution provisioning enables our clients to anticipate issues, uncover opportunities, and maximize value.


Our clients benefit from our international network of relationships with established leaders, investors, and strategic partners both inside and outside the education space.



Tyton Partners Represented Fairmont Schools in its Sale to International Schools Partnership

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to Fairmont Schools. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About Fairmont Schools Since being founded in 1953, Fairmont has been transforming the lives of students and families across Southern California and around the world, through best-in-class educational programs and state of the art facilities. Fairmont’s unique, holistic approach takes students wherever […]

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Tyton Partners Represented Wiley in their Divestiture of Wiley Efficient Learning to UWorld

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to Wiley. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About Wiley Wiley is one of the world’s largest publishers and a global leader in scientific research and career-connected education, focused on its timeless mission to unlock human potential. Founded in 1807, Wiley enables discovery, powers education, and shapes workforces through its industry-leading […]

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Tyton Partners Represented Cicero Group in their Sale of Ed Direction to MGT Consulting

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to Cicero Group. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About Ed DirectionEd Direction serves as a nationally recognized educational policy and practice thought leader. Ed Direction builds the local capacity of school systems to implement evidence-based practices that increase the efficacy of educators to ensure optimal academic, social, and emotional growth […]

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Tyton Partners Represented Tinkergarten in its Sale to Highlights for Children (Highlights)

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to Tinkergarten. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About Tinkergarten Tinkergarten was founded in 2012 by Meghan Fitzgerald and Brian Fitzgerald, with the mission of helping kids develop critical skills such as problem-solving, creativity and empathy through purposeful outdoor play. Their innovative curriculum, remote teacher training mode and on-demand service are designed to inspire […]

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Tyton Partners Represented School Specialty in their Divestiture of EPS School Specialty to Excolere Equity Partners

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to School Specialty. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES ABOUT EPS SCHOOL SPECIALTY EPS is a leading developer of research-based supplemental curriculum products and services that enhance literacy and math skills for K-12 grade level students. The company offers a number of leading products including: SPIRE, Wordly Wise 3000, Primary Phonics, […]

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Tyton Partners Represented Amber Book in its Sale to Career Certified (Waud Capital Partners)

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to Amber Book. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About Amber BookWith the video series they’ve created, Amber Book has helped 17,000 emerging professionals study for the architecture licensure exams. Michael Ermann, the course creator, was the first person in the nation to pass all six ARE® 5.0 divisions, and the small portion of the course […]

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Tyton Partners Represented Akademos in its Sale to VitalSource (Francisco Partners)

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to Akademos. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About Akademos Helping students succeed is the guiding mission that drives Akademos. Akademos offers student choice, inclusive access, and equitable access programs, syllabus management software, and data and analytics that support student success. Learn more at About VitalSource VitalSource Technologies LLC is the […]

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Tyton Partners Represented Zovio in Their Sale of Full Stack Academy to Simplilearn (Blackstone)

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to Zovio. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About Fullstack Academy Fullstack Academy is a national tech education provider based in New York City. Founded in 2012, it offers web development, cybersecurity, data analytics, DevOps, and product management bootcamps. Fullstack Academy also offers the Grace Hopper Program, an immersive software engineering […]

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Tyton Partners Represented SchoolKidz in its Sale to School Specialty

Tyton Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to SchoolKidz. DETAILS: SEGMENTS INDUSTRIES About the SchoolKidz Programs SchoolKidz offers two primary programs: Teacher Tailored:The School Kidz Teacher Tailored Program has provided millions of school supply kits to parents and serviced thousands of schools nationwide for the past 25 years. This team works with Parent Teacher Organizations/Associations […]

What we do

  • Sell-side Advisory

    We work with our clients and key shareholders to prepare, position, and market companies for successful sales and dispositions.

  • Capital Access

    We assist entrepreneurs, startups, and growth-oriented platforms by facilitating meaningful outcomes to our extensive network of global investors.

  • Buy-side Advisory

    We partner with our clients and stakeholders — applying our proprietary analysis and deep market knowledge — to identify, target, and acquire companies aligned to their objectives.

  • Corporate Divestitures

    We help our clients assess the feasibility of a divestiture and how to best position the asset in the education space.

  • Valuations and Fairness Opinions

    We conduct valuations and financial analyses on business combinations, standalone valuations, and formal fairness opinions.

  • Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures

    We support companies seeking to find the appropriate strategic partner or form joint ventures in the Global Knowledge Sector.

  • Fund Formation Services

    We provide guidance to prospective funds, investors, and LPs and GPs on best practices, structure, and risk allocation, as well as ongoing portfolio strategy and market exposure.

  • Strategic Advisory to Executives and Boards

    Given our domain expertise, we partner with Boards and C-Level executives to provide guidance, capital markets advice, and strategic decision-making support as part of capital markets activity.

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