Must Read Papers May 22, 2024

Key Learnings from VocTech Market Activity Q1 2024

Key Learnings from VocTech Market Activity Q1 2024

Ufi Ventures and Tyton Partners are collaborating on an ongoing exploration of the opportunities for investors in the Future of Workforce Development.

In this quarterly report, you’ll find more detail on the future of work market activity from January through March 2024, assessing the opportunities for investors in this market within the UK, Europe, the US, and beyond. 

As The Jobs Frontier 2024 highlighted, while we are living in a period of crisis, unpredictability and rapid change, with growing skills gaps and a pressing need to adapt to AI and for a green transition, there are good reasons for hope. We cover the following: 

  • The curious mix of layoffs, skills shortages and fewer vacancies, and what governments and organisations are doing to address their needs in this complex environment 
  • The opportunities and bottlenecks in the transition to the green economy, and some of the interventions that seem to be working 
  • Further specifics about the issues faced by the education, healthcare and technology sectors 
  • The early effects and implications of generative Artificial Intelligence tools on working, learning, and jobs 
  • Developments in skills-based hiring and the renegotiation of work 
  • Our regular roundup of investments and deals across the “Future of Work” sector in Europe and beyond 
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