The Emerging Technology Skills Attainment Ecosystem

by: Christopher Curran and Rich Flynn | Blog |Sep 18th, 2020

Over the past several years, our firm has developed a significant amount of expertise and ecosystem insight around alternative credential and bootcamp programs, corporate/professional training, digital skills talent acquisition, and the broader workforce development sectors.

The COVID situation has accelerated the adoption of models with high student/employer ROI and clear line-of-sight to an employment or reskilling/upskilling outcome. Combined with the underlying long-term labor market supply and demand imbalances across many digital skills categories, we expect this disruption of traditional educational and talent models to continue, thereby creating meaningful business and investment opportunities.   

As the digital short-form courseware, credential, and technology skills “bootcamp” models have evolved, so has the demand for more sophisticated technology capabilities, and an interdisciplinary view of technology in practice in the workforce broadly. In addition to foundational coding, data, cyber, cloud, and other technology application baseline skills, employers and employees are seeking a flight to quality and quantifiable positive learning outcomes that distinguish best in class programs. Skills development platforms that warrant demonstrable digital skills, in addition to intelligence relative to their application across a workplace’s technology footprint, is the future and is in high demand.

As highlighted below, Tyton Partners has completed a number of noteworthy transactions across B2C, B2B, and OPM oriented business models.

We would welcome the opportunity to schedule a call with you to compare notes on what we are seeing in the space. Please let us know if you have availability over the next couple of weeks – we look forward to connecting.

Best regards,

Christopher L. Curran
Founder & Managing Partner | Tyton Partners

Rich Flynn
Managing Director | Tyton Partners


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