Must Read Blog September 19, 2017

The Swiss Army Knives of Student Success Technology

Bottom Line

In search of the Swiss Army knife – the technology product that does everything well – institutions have struggled to realize the promise of an integrated technology solution that dramatically improves academic advising.

Drawing largely from a 2017 survey that reached over 2,200 administrators and advisors across 1,400 institutions, as well as interviews with 40 leading suppliers, Tyton Partners is soon to launch Driving Toward a Degree 2017: The Evolution of Academic Advising in Higher Education. This publication is meant to help institutions make informed decisions toward redesigning their academic advising to improve overall student success and retention.

Based on this research, institutions using what they perceive as fully integrated solutions are more likely to feel that technology does not enhance their advising function. This contradicts the advertised benefits of integrated functionality (i.e., it eases the pain of managing multiple products). These negative views have been influenced by these institutions’ experiences with the specific products that they have adopted. Institutions using fully integrated solutions are less likely to report satisfaction with their products.

While the market has developed considerably since we began tracking advising and student success technology, the integrated solution is not yet robust or customizable enough to fulfill all institutions’ needs. Instead, institutions that pick and choose from a menu of point solutions are better able to tailor those products and subsequently are more satisfied. Will the suppliers overcome these issues?  Perhaps, but for the integrated solution concept to really take hold, institutions will also need to think about how to overcome their own organizational silos so that the requirements for success are not merely the sum total of the wish lists from each silo.

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