Tyton Partners Represented Wiley in their Divestiture of Advancement Courses to Teaching Channel – With Learners Edge, a portfolio company of Quad-C Management

Tyton PartnersĀ served as the exclusive financial adviser to Wiley

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About Wiley Advancement Courses

For more than 30 years, Advancement Courses, has been a leader in professional development, providing expertly crafted, classroom-applicable courses to thousands of teachers across the country. With more than 240 online courses in 20 different subject areas in our catalog, we create customizable professional development plans for schools and districts so they can offer training in the topics that matter most to them, including ESSA requirements, district/school improvement plans, teacher wellness and retention, and much more. All courses are graduate level, online, and self-paced to allow for maximum flexibility and no disruption to classroom time. For more information, visitĀ

About Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel is a platform dedicated to empowering educators to be their very best in the classroom. Continuing education and professional development are just the start. We offer video-based learning, self-reflection and coaching tools, and downloadable guides to help in the classroom. All of our learning content and tools are designed to keep your teachers engaged, empowered and inspired.Whether your teachers want to learn at their own pace or as a collaborative group, we have courses and advisors suited for all schedules, all grades and all topics.Enable your team to thrive and perform at their best in the classroom so their students can, too.