Tyton Partners Webinar: Innovation for Worker Empowerment, February 23, 2023

Join Tyton Partners for a webinar with some of the leading innovators in the space on how new market entrants are helping the workers of today gain the insight for tomorrow.

February 23, 2023 at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST


  • Shlomy Kattan, Director at Tyton Partners
  • David Zamir, CEO of Nana
  • Jarah Euston, CEO of WorkWhile
  • Vince Jeong, CEO of Sparkwise

Tyton Partners Webinar graphic. Title: Innovation for Worker Empowerment. Date: February 23, 2023. Format: Zoom webinar. Moderator: Shlomy Kattan, Tyton Partners. Panelist: David Zamir, Nana. Panelist: Jarah Euston, WorkWhile. Panelist: Vince Jeong, Sparkwise.


The U.S. has long lacked a comprehensive infrastructure for workforce training and placement. As a result, millions of workers have been left undertrained, underemployed, and underpaid while businesses face both record profits and unfilled openings. Novel, for-profit companies have emerged to fill this gap, transforming both the channels through which workers are trained and the source of funding, while also deploying innovative approaches to empower workers during times of increasing economic uncertainty.

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