Must Read Webinars May 24, 2023

Dealing with the Demographic Cliff: Survival Strategies for Higher Ed

At the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit, Gates Bryant hosted a discussion on survival strategies for higher education. He was accompanied by Common App President & CEO Jenny Rickard, IU Group N.V. CEO Sven Schuett, Spelman College Sr. Vice President for Enrollment Management Ingrid Hayes, University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Admissions Chuck Trierweiler, and RNL Chief Business Development Officer Dawn Hiles.

Higher education is facing a variety of demographic challenges and dynamics. Countries with mature higher education systems and aging populations are grappling to re-think at minimum structural inefficiencies in the admissions process and at most dramatically re-evaluating how to increase access and improve outcomes for a wide variety of historically under-represented and under-supported students. The implications of these changes are far reaching for institutions and the organizations that support them. In this session, we will discuss a variety of questions including, for example:

  • How are institutions changing their admissions processes/policies to increase access to new students?
  • What are the needs and expectations of under-represented students?
  • What types of new capacities are institutions needing to build in this environment?
  • How do supporting organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs that partner with institutions evolve in this environment?

Watch the recording below.


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