Paying for Choice 2024

Paying for Choice is a new K-12 initiative that delves into the evolution and impact of Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). We surveyed 1,200+ parents and 180 providers (the largest concentrated sample of families and providers on attitudes toward school choice that has been carried out in the U.S.) to illuminate the potential and challenges of ESAs in shaping the future of education in the United States.

Tyton Partners Paying for Choice 2024
Part 1:

The ESA [Re]Evolution

In Part 1, Tyton Partners sets the stage of ESAs by providing a brief history and assessing where we stand today.

Part 2:

Addressing the Awareness and Accessibility Gap of ESAs

In Part 2, we assess how parents make decisions about enrolling their children in alternative education programs.

Part 3:

Navigating the System and Future of ESAs

Part 3 will follow in the coming weeks, expanding on the perceptions of, attitudes towards, and options for ESAs among parents and education providers in the K-12 ecosystem.