Must Read Press Releases June 25, 2024

Tyton Partners’ Choose to Learn 2024 Research Reveals Massive Untapped Demand for K-12 Parent Navigation Supports 

[BOSTON, June 25, 2024] – Tyton Partners, a strategy consulting and investment banking firm focused on the education sector, announces the release of Part 3 of their latest Choose to Learn K-12 initiative, A Breakthrough in K-12 Parent Navigation. With support from Stand Together Trust and the Walton Family Foundation, this final installment of the 2024 Choose to Learn series delves into the evolving landscape of “Navigators” that are reshaping how parents explore and access alternative education options for their children. 

In Parts 1 and 2, Tyton Partners highlighted the growing interest among “Open-minded” parents in exploring alternatives to traditional public and private schools and identified key barriers, including awareness and affordability.  

Part 3 examines the type of support parents seek, the information sources they trust, and their preferred methods of receiving guidance. It also introduces the concept of “Navigators”—organizations that support parents in discovering, planning, and enrolling in new educational programs tailored to their children’s unique needs. 

Key findings from Choose to Learn 2024 Part 3 include:

  • Parents prefer 1:1 coaching from Navigators. While there are few, the most effective Navigators combine human-centered supports with scalable delivery models and targeted assistance to overcome financial barriers 
  • Most Navigators serve K-12 parents who are most likely to enroll in an alternative school (~5% of market). Few Navigators are currently oriented towards parents who express interest in a more custom-built set of learning experiences for their child (~12% of market) 
  • The key market gap is “supply” of accessible educational alternatives (i.e., school and program models that may be in addition to or an alternative to local public schools). For this gap to close, the K-12 ecosystem will need more high-quality Navigators that can bridge the human-centered delivery and scaled impact while also demonstrating a durable organizational model. 
  • The Navigator-type services market opportunity could be worth several billion dollars, as 70% of K-12 parents who want a change in their child’s standard education pathway are looking for and are willing to pay (across all income levels) for such services. 

Adam Newman, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Tyton Partners and co-author of Choose to Learn, says, “As the educational landscape continues to evolve, it is essential for stakeholders to support the development of more sustainable Navigator models. By addressing key barriers such as awareness and affordability, Navigators can empower parents with the confidence and tools required to make informed decisions about their children’s education—a crucial step in leveling the playing field for K-12 learners nationwide.” 

Our research indicates that parents are navigating a highly complex K-12 landscape. Navigators play a crucial role in bridging the gap between parent aspirations and actionable steps, providing the personalized support and resources necessary to make informed decisions. We hope our research enlightens the market with what K-12 parents and their children need to help the education landscape evolve and adapt. 


Read Choose to Learn: A Breakthrough in K-12 Parent Navigation here.