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Tyton Partners Choose to Learn 2024 Part 2 Dives into the Journey of the K-12 Parents who are Moving Out of Public School, from Awareness to Enrollment

BOSTON, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tyton Partners, a strategy consulting and investment banking firm focused on the education sector, announces the release of Part 2 of their latest Choose to Learn K-12 initiative, The Open-minded K-12 Parent Journey and Barriers to Action. This 2024 Choose to Learn initiative assesses the breadth of preferences from 2,000+ parents for alternative education pathways beyond public school and the barriers these parents face. Continuing the efforts from Choose to Learn 2024 Part 1, which highlighted the 48% of “Open-minded” parents who are seeking new educational programs, Part 2 assesses the journey of these parents from awareness to enrollment.

In this research, Tyton Partners explores the common challenges related to awareness and access that may prevent Open-minded parents from pursuing new learning environments for their children. The assessment confirms that parents often abandon this journey due to the pervasive “fear of the unknown,” which remains a powerful force in education, alongside other challenges related to awareness and access.

Key findings from Choose to Learn 2024 Part 2 include:

  • Two main barriers hinder K-12 parents from completing the journey to a new educational option: affordability and awareness of program options.
  • 49% of parents identify affordability as a primary barrier, and 40% identify awareness as their primary barrier.
  • A program that (re)ignites a child’s love for learning is what drives K-12 parents to choose a new education program. Program options aim to accomplish this goal by prioritizing custom, individualized activities based on the child.
  • Why the market should take action and what it can do to address these barriers.

Christian Lehr, Director at Tyton Partners and co-author of Choose to Learn, says, “Our research underscores the complex decision-making process facing K-12 parents seeking alternative education pathways. By centering the parent as the key decision maker, we aim to equip providers and partners with the insights needed to better support families in their quest for educational options that best fit their children’s needs.”

Concluding the series, Part 3 will introduce an emerging cohort of organizations we call “Navigators” that seek to assist parents in understanding alternative education options and detail eight design principles of high-impact Navigators. In combination, Choose to Learn 2024 both highlights evolving parent preferences and guides K-12 stakeholders through a process to best address these needs and catalyze unmet demand.


Read Choose to Learn: The Open-minded K-12 Parent Journey and Barriers to Action here.


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